Kitchen Design Advice Guide

Follow our simple advice guide on how to pre-plan your kitchen space from your first inspiration through to installation

Choosing your new OHI kitchen is one of the most exciting projects when it comes to renovating your home. The whole process can be stressful and time-consuming – so we’re here to make sure that with expert advice and service from our specialist team – it will be a breeze!

From choosing your style, to working with our designers and designing the layout – we’re here every step of the way to guide you through every single aspect to ensure you get your dream kitchen for the right price.​

The kitchen planning process is broken down into simple, manageable steps – all to make the process easier. Simply think of it as a journey and each step we take you through gets you closer to your kitchen perfection.

Whether this is your first kitchen or you need a little help with planning your second or even third design, we’re with you all the way:

Pre-Design: Begin Your Journey:

Plan your requirements and dream ideas:

Take a look around your existing kitchen and make a list of all the things you like and dislike about it. This could be anything from how much storage there is, where it is, to the types of appliances and colours of your cabinets.

This will help you focus on retaining or improving any particular aspects of your new design. Think about whether the space you have actually works for you or maybe it needs opening up, rotating or even extending. The most common building work involves knocking down a wall between kitchen and dining room, creating sought after open plan style kitchen dining areas.


It’s useful to ask yourself a few questions about how you USE your kitchen.

Do you simply need a place to prepare meals, or are you dreaming of a multifunction area where you can also have lunch or dinner with family and friends? Who do you cook for, what do you cook and how do you cook it?

Are you dreaming of heating and cooling drawers, wine coolers, American style fridge freezers or a superbly designed and fitted island from which to create your culinary masterpieces!

Plumbing & Heating:

Will you be using existing plumbing for sinks and appliances or will you require additional pipe work? (in other words will the sink and or the oven stay in a similar place or a total re-design! ALL can be achieved!).

If you’re planning to include a kitchen island containing a sink or hob in your design, you need to ensure that plumbing and electricity supplies are in place before flooring is laid. We will personally design/plan all these aspects for you so remember to discuss these with your personal designer here at OHI.

Work out where appliances will go ….. right down to your toast – to ensure that you will have all the plug sockets exactly where you need them.

Wherever you decide to locate your sink, it’s a good idea to install your washing machine and dishwasher nearby when keeping to a budget ​as it will help keep the plumbing work simpler and limit the cost on your new installation.

Underfloor heating:

Underfloor heating is a popular choice for kitchens as radiators can take up valuable space. However maybe consider our extensive range of superb modern radiators so you can make a statement for you and your guests with some of our unique wall and floor art radiator designs.

If you’re opting for underfloor heating, this will need to be installed prior to laying the kitchen floor so it is important to cover this with your designer so we may plan ahead for you.

Consider your lighting options:

When planning your new kitchen it’s a good idea to make the lighting quite flexible so that you can regulate the areas of your kitchen independently.

Secondary lighting, such as spotlights, strip LED lighting or above cooking and preparation areas, are really useful. In addition, in cupboard or pelmet and plinth lighting can add a sensual feel to an open kitchen design and add real wow factor to your new kitchen for minimal cost.

Those must have items or dream changes!:

Consider your kitchen must-haves. Do you long for sleek granite worktops or full wall splashbacks, an impressive statement island with the modern features of cooling, heating and even cooking built in? Will you finally get all that storage space you’ve been yearning for? Are there some specific appliances that you think will make your life in the kitchen much easier? We will guide you through the full array of available products to suit your budget!

Everybody likes to work in their own particular way and each person has a different list of priorities, so it’s important to write yours down right at the beginning to ensure your new kitchen is tailored designed by us to your family’s specific needs and wants. This initial process will also save a lot of time and trouble when it comes to planning and designing your new kitchen project with your personal design specialist.

Your Personal Designer:

Now you have your list of ideas it is time to measure up for your first ONLINE (or at home if required – subject to Covid 19 restrictions) meeting with your new OHI Personal Kitchen Designer. Armed with your newfound ​inspiration and knowledge it is time to get the project underway!

Click the link to provide your Designer with your contact details and create your own personal login which allows you to store your ideas, plans and dreams so your Personal Designer can access it to speed up your plans. At this point we can confirm with you a convenient time to have that first vital online or telephone discussion to get started

Attached here is a very simple guide of how to measure and what to check for to get together the right info for your initial design service.

If you are unsure of any aspect then please click our live chat icon to speak directly to a design specialist who can assist you with any and all aspects of the pre-measure.

Once you have your simple notes in hand and have gone through if needed with our specialists to assist, it is time to get them to the designer. We assist you in a number of ways:


Use our purpose-built Online Design Planner (here) to input your dimensions. Then we will automatically get a copy of your room space.

Post directly to our offices at: P.O. Box 2060975


scan your drawing and click link here to send directly to our designers.


You can upload ALL your future documents and ideas here

Consult your Personal Designer:

Now that you are ready it is time to get that all-important design created for the perfect kitchen. Follow the simple steps below to begin your journey with your FREE online appointment:

Work together with a OHI Personal Design specialist using our easy to use 3D virtual planning service. See your dream kitchen come to life in stunning​ 3D without leaving your home. Our online planning service is easy to use and does not require any software or downloads by you with the key added benefits.

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