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A kitchen is the most significant and visited-over area in any home setup. While remodeling, renovating or constructing a new kitchen, we must pay sufficient attention to its designing. However, not many of us go through in-depth research and brainstorming while designing their kitchen and thus have an average looking one.

If you are planning on renovating or constructing a new kitchen, you are in the right place. This article will give you some excellent points as to how you can design your own kitchen correctly!

How To Design Your Kitchen

Kitchen modeling goes through various stages to get the perfect kitchen to serve you to its full capacity. Keep on reading the article to get one for you. We have shared some practical designing tips to assist you in designing your kitchen. All these tips are needed to be kept in mind while designing your kitchen to get your dream kitchen.

  • Understanding The Functionality:

Before initiating any designing or renovating project, you first have to understand that particular space’s functionality. Think of all the things you will do in that area. While designing a kitchen, first ask your self “what am I going to do here?” that might sound a silly question, but it is incredibly pertinent to decide the function that space will serve before designing.

In modern times, the kitchen’s functionality has increased from being a space for cooking and eating. It has become a spot where the whole family spends quality time, take crucial decisions while having their meals, and watch TV. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself while deciding on your kitchen space’s functionality.

  • How Are You Planning To Use Your Kitchen Space?

The first and foremost question here is how you are going to utilize that space? Is your kitchen going to be a busy spot where everyone hangs out? Or it’s just a tucked-away spot where you visit only to warm your leftover food and washing wine glasses?

  • What Do You Intend To Do In Your Kitchen Apart From Cooking?

Do you sit in your kitchen browning for new recipes while sipping your coffee? Or do you have kids who do the homework while you are preparing dinner? Do you want a space for adding a TV or a work desk?

  • Does It Need To Be Entertaining?

How often you invite your friends or colleagues over for coffee? How about having a dedicated space for your coffee sessions?

  • What Are Your Seating Requirements?

In modern constructions, kitchens are transforming to include a dining area in them. Are you planning on having the same setup for your kitchen? Want to have seating around the peninsula?

  • The Work Triangle:

Have you given considerable thoughts to the work triangle? Do you know what it is? A work triangle is formed between your refrigerator, stove, and sink. It is defined as the flow of workspace. It is incredibly pertinent to consider the distance between the three to make your kitchen more practical and less chaotic.

Giving considerable thought to the work triangle results in an excellent workflow that lets you move in the kitchen effortlessly. A poorly designed work triangle will make your kitchen impractical and make you run around in your kitchen to access the desired aspect.

  • Plan Your Storage:

With the smart designing hacks, you can enhance your kitchen storage to many folds. You have to plan the design according to your utility, consider how often you use a particular appliance, and then schedule space for them in convenient access. You can opt for an appliances garage with retracting doors. You can also use pull-out drawers for the most used pots.  These are not the times where you put your most used appliance on the countertops and make your kitchen crowded.

Walk-in pantries, pan drawers, pull-out drawers, and shelves, all of them allow you to maximize your storage. You can also install a pull-out spice drawer next to the cooking top.

You can also add spaces for your special crockery like the hidden cabinets under the sink. 

  • What About The Lighting?

Lighting makes a drastic difference in the appearance and moods. Although it might seem simple, you need to choose the right lighting for your kitchen or the best results. A kitchen with insufficient lighting destroys the whole renovating and designing efforts.

There are three types of lighting you need to consider while designing your kitchen. 

General lighting:

The lights that light up the entire space fall under the general lighting category. You can opt for recessed pot-lights to disperse the light in the whole room evenly. You can play with dimmer switches to dim the lights according to demand. Pendant lights and chandeliers over islands or tables add more to your kitchen’s aesthetics.  

Task lighting:

Task lights are specially installed lights that offer you convenience while working in the kitchen. An example of task lighting includes light under cabinets for clearer vision. Another vital spot to install task lighting is the sink. You might think it unnecessary, but trust us, you are going to need it later.

Accent lighting:

To highlight the beautiful aesthetics of your kitchen, you need accent lights. These lights will show off the designing and hard work you have put in designing your kitchen. 

  • Appliance For The Kitchen:

You can never decide on your kitchen layout until unless you determine the appliance, you will install. While choosing the instrument again, you need to think about how you utilize those appliances and what kind of appliance you need.

If you love cooking, you might need a cooktop or a burner with extra burners. What above the oven? Do you need a double wall oven for baking? Are you looking forward to installing a chimney? What kind of cooktop would you prefer? What about the refrigerators? How much broader deep refrigerator would you like to have in your kitchen?

There are multiple counter-depth options available while designing a kitchen. You can choose the built-in look for your appliance installation, which adds a cabinet for the appliance with the door to close and match the remaining kitchen cabinets.

  • Make A Balance Between Budget And Quality:

Lastly, we would like to talk about the longevity of the kitchen. Whether you renovate or construct a new kitchen, you always want it to stay that way for a long time. To ensure our kitchen space’s longevity, you must need to invest in the right quality products. The countertop is the most used area in the kitchen.

Wrap Up

Choose the finest quality shelves to make it last longer without wear tear. You can select among quartz, granite, marble, soapstone, and other solid surfaces to make countertops.

Remember, the quality of the material you use impacts directly how durable your kitchen will turn out. Along with shelves material, you need to invest your time searching for excellent quality appliances, kitchen gadgets, and lighting as well.

Designing your kitchen requires a lot of planning, research, effort, and time. However, if you follow all the golden rules mentioned above, you will design your dream kitchen with much less chaos. How do you find these tips, and how you will implement them while designing your kitchen?

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