The Two-Tone Revolution

Traditionally you only had one option when it came to kitchen cabinets — all the same colour. Today’s designers are a lot more creative with choices offered to homeowners who no longer have to settle for a single hue for their cabinets.

Now with OHI Kitchens you have hundreds of options when it comes to your unique, personalised kitchen design.

Two-toned cabinets have become the latest must-have trend, mainly because they look great. Here’s why you should consider transforming your kitchen with your own style…

What is a Two-Toned Kitchen?

The easiest way to get a flavour for what a two-toned kitchen looks like is to watch our short video.

A two-toned kitchen design will really make your space stand out. Use contrasting colours schemes & experiment with your wall colour for a truly unique effect.

You can divide up your available space in a multitude of ways such as having the kitchen island in a bolder or more saturated colour. Then choose a more neutral tone for the rest of your cabinets. Or maybe try having upper cabinets or wall units in one shade & lower cabinets in a complementary colour.

You also have the option to use the two-toned style more subtly with the finish. Top cabinets with a glossy paint & matte at the bottom with contrasting worksurfaces

A one tone kitchen can be dull & uninspiring – consider all elements of your kitchen including cabinets, countertops, walls & flooring & allow yourself to be creative! Don’t allow the heart of your home to become run-of-the-mill.

Two or even three tone kitchens are becoming increasingly popular & by mixing dark & lighter hues you can create just enough contrast to make your kitchen pop with a fresh & modern feel.

Feature Highlights

Designers often use a two-tone kitchen style to draw the eye to a design feature that they want to showcase. Consider choosing a different worksurface material such as marble or quartz for your kitchen island. Where it might not have stood out enough on its own, placing it on a lighter or darker cabinet than the rest of the kitchen will make a statement feature.

Similarly, painted upper cabinets can draw the eye upward to accentuate the height of the room. Or, if you have a large kitchen, darker cabinets at the back of the room can highlight the depth whereas contrasting wall units can flaunt a unique light fixture, pot rack or window.


Not Ready for a Complete Overhaul – Consider a Refresh

Maybe you simply want to refresh your kitchen style – here at OHI Kitchens you have the option to change your cabinet doors, worksurfaces, taps, appliances or tiles (subject to T’s & C’s, sizes & availability) – without the expense of a complete new kitchen & instantly have a space that’s up to date & fresh. Try two-toned cabinets instead of embarking on a full renovation giving you a space that feels completely new without breaking the bank.


Modern yet Classic

The two-tone concept works whatever your designs style. Whether you have a sleek, modern kitchen or one that’s rustic & charming – this trend equally suits both. Choose from muted pastel tones such as

Wentworth Cream & Sage Green for a classic country kitchen style or blend Charcoal Grey with Storm Grey for a moody, contemporary feel.

We hope you have fun planning your new kitchen!

Our Kitchen Design Team are on hand to help in any way we can.

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