The kitchen is one of the essential parts of any big, tiny, simple, or luxurious home. Without it, life is unimaginable.

Whether you consider your kitchen a practical necessity or a part of the home to show your home’s luxuriousness, it must look good. If you want to make your kitchen unique, there’s no better way to do so than giving it a bespoke design. You can plan your layout using an online kitchen design tool and request a quote for bespoke kitchen design services from OHI Kitchens.

Here, we are sharing some bespoke kitchen design ideas to make things easier for you, and to give you some inspiration when planning your own  modern kitchen design.

Let’s get started…


Home Farm Barn

This bespoke kitchen design is one of the most popular kitchen designs that make your kitchen look like a country kitchen.  Sitting beneath a vaulted ceiling, you can give any kind of style to your kitchen on the inside as long as it carries the barn style. One major style element are ceiling to floor windows that brings the outside nature inside your kitchen.

  • Keep hand-painted oak fruit trays in your kitchen and use them to store seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • You can place a slab of antique stone to use it as your prep station.
  • You can turn your kitchen into a complete barn style kitchen by illuminating it with barn style lighting.





Stone House

Stone House Kitchen

The lavish proportions of this beautiful bespoke kitchen design are celebrated by the elegant looking central table, which has woolen flump paint. You can use the space under the table by installing drawers.

The antique brass drop handles enhance the elegance of this kitchen design. You can add brass button knobs too, which will adorn the drawers even more.  The worktable makes an elegant prep table and comes out as a welcoming dining table to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on it.




Beach House Style

Beach House Style KitchenThis bespoke kitchen design features a clean & clear space organisation properly, making it a camping kitchen. Bespoke glazed screens are a prominent part of this bespoke design. Scullery Latch paint present on cupboards, center table drawers, and wooden frames of the glazed screens further enhance this design’s beauty. The antique brass handles on cupboards and drawers add an elegant touch. Overall, this design makes the kitchen airy and spacious.

A tall bank of cupboards having folgate doors with wapping holes makes room for ventilation. Besides, there’s plenty of storage space available in the cupboards, letting you store your pantry.




New York Apartment

New York Apartment Style KitchenIf you want to give a modern bespoke design to your kitchen, consider mimicking a New York apartment styled kitchen. Calmness and serenity are run throughout this design.

Sumptuous marble prep tables and backsplashes make a perfect contrast with cupboards having soft white colour on them. Another prominent element of this bespoke kitchen design is timber flooring of a darker tone.

Finely detailed brass handles are installed on the drawers, and brass knobs are installed on cupboard doors.



Space Creator

Kitchen Space PlanningOne of the key benefits of bespoke designs is that you can have cabinets made to fit in your kitchen.  Whether you have cramped space or ample space, bespoke designs enable you to get the most out of the available space. If your kitchen space is small, then design cabinets that can be adjusted to your kitchen’s dimensions. You can do this by working around already existing features such as appliances.

You can keep your fridge out of sight by installing a custom cupboard made from tulipwood. It’ll help you make the most out of the available space. Besides, you can mix closed and open spaces to create an even scheme.



Generally, you don’t work in the corners of the worktop, so why not use them to build storage space. You can build shelves up the wall. You can continue using the worktop, but the nooks let you create storage shelves to store all your utensils and pantry inside your small kitchen with ease and comfort.

You can design dark-blue kitchen cabinets. They’ll not just look elegant, but sits well with a wide range of colours. Paint the walls with light colours while keeping the ht-colored woardware in gold or brass tone for a warm look.


Tackle Awkward Layouts

Wakward Kitchen LayoutsWith bespoke kitchen designs, you can tackle awkward layouts already existing in your kitchen area. With this design idea, you can’t only tackle awkward layout but also handle old design features. This bespoke design idea works perfectly for an old home with tricky shapes, uneven flooring, or low ceilings in the kitchen area.

If your kitchen area has split-level flooring, build a bespoke kitchen island around it. The area where you want to cook, keep it at the higher side of the split floor, and build a bar area with a sitting arrangement on the lower side of the split floor. Add the step height to the bard area, and place chairs on the other side where the family can socialise, sit to help you in food prep, or enjoy their meals.

You can cheer up your kitchen area by adding herringbone style backsplashes. Also, use darker grout to accentuate the tiles patterns. If the surrounding area has white walls, then adding dark blue cabinets will make your kitchen look even more elegant.



A Well Designed Kitchen Plan One of the undeniable advantages of a well designed kitchen plan is that you can do everything from the ground up to bring convenience to your life. And that’s what this bespoke kitchen design idea offers.

Before you opt for this design, it’s important to determine your daily habits. The habits include where you keep the groceries after coming from shopping. Ask whether you need more space to keep your groceries or not because you may have this habit of keeping them on the worktop before unpacking and stacking them in drawers or cupboards. If that’s the case, then build a multi-functional island kitchen with ample space for a worktop. You’ll use it for unpacking your groceries, food prep, and dining table too.


If you have plenty of space, then install a large-double sink with a pull-out. It will allow you to access storage beneath. You may also need to think about your external space design ideas when creating your kitchen layout.




 Your kitchen should complement other design elements of your kitchen as well. If you plan to give a bespoke design to your kitchen, make sure that it matches the elegance and charm that the overall home carries. Whether it’s the spaciousness of the kitchen, the colour scheme of the walls, or hardware used in the kitchen, make sure everything synchronises with the design elements of your home.

Always keep the historical appeal of your kitchen and home synchronised.

This bespoke design idea works great for open-plan kitchens. You can hang a cage pendant light hanging over the island and keep the worktop size similar to the fireplace’s size so that both complement each other.



Custom Storage

Kitchen Storage Having bespoke storage, you don’t only get more out of the kitchen area available, but it makes your space more efficient.  It works well in cramped spaces with less space or a lot of items to handle, and you don’t want to leave them exposed on countertops.

Custom storage not only offer more storage space but lets you open up your seating area, moving area, and lets you enjoy meals comfortably.

Instead of leaving the spaces on walls empty and placing your microwave and daily use pantry items on the worktops, create wide custom size cabinets, you can place them there and free up your tabletops. By doing so, you won’t be cleaning the tabletops after preparing every meal.

Try making deeper drawers that can hold your dishes, pots, and pans easily.




Your Choice

“Let’s keep it that way!” That’s exactly what bespoke design is all about. You can give your kitchen the design you want. You have complete freedom of choosing the dimensions of the cupboard, colour scheme, hardware style & colour, and other design elements.

Whether you want to keep your kitchen’s overall feel vibrant or warm, it depends on you. However, make sure that your entire focus isn’t just on style and aesthetics. Keep practicality in mind as well.

Depending on the space, budget, and time available to you, create a design that you feel is the best for you.



Final words

If you’re looking for bespoke design kitchen ideas, then the above ideas may work well for you. When giving your kitchen a bespoke design, your priorities, needs, and wants are considered so you can get just the right design you want.

However, you need to make some considerations, which includes:

  • Make sure that your design is both aesthetically pleasing and practical in all aspects. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of your time and effort
  • Work with professional designers or contractor to ensure a highly professional design
  • Use high-quality equipment to ensure the durability of your project.

We hope you find the above ideas suitable and find them effective to give your kitchen a bespoke design.